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Privacy Policy

Last updated: 8 May 2023

Our privacy policy explains how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information.

1. Information we Collect

The information we collect when you use Twitter falls into three categories.

  1. Information you provide to us:
    • Personal Accounts: To use some of our products and services you need to have an account, and to create an account, you need to provide us certain information. If you choose to create an account, you must provide us with some information so that we can provide our services to you. This may include a display name, a username, password, email address, phone number, date of birth, display language, and third-party single sign-in information (if you choose this sign-in method). You can also choose to share your location in your profile and posts, and to upload your address book to help find people you may know. Your profile information, which includes your display name and username, is always public, but you can use either your real name or a pseudonym.
    • Payment Information: In order to make purchases such as subscriptions or other items, you will need to provide us with payment information, including your credit or debit card number, card expiration date, CVV code, and billing address.
    • Preferences: When you set your preferences using your settings, we collect that information so that we can respect your preferences.
  2. Information we collect when you use Panora:
    • Usage Information: We collect information about your activity on Panora, including:
      1. content you post (including the date, application, and version of Panora), your lists, bookmarks, and communities you are a part of.
      2. Your interactions with other users’ content, such as reposts, likes, shares, replies, if other users mention or tag you in content or if you mention or tag them.
      3. How you interact with others on the platform, such as people you follow and people who follow you, and when you use Direct Messages, including the contents of the messages, the recipients, and date and time of messages.
      4. If you communicate with us, such as through email, we will collect information about the communication and its content. We collect information on links you interact with across our services (including in our emails sent to you).
    • Purchase and payments: To allow you to make a payment or send money using Panora features or services, including through an intermediary, we may receive information about your transaction such as when it was made, when a subscription is set to expire or auto-renew, and amounts paid or received.
    • Device Information: We collect information from and about the devices you use to access Panora, including information about your connection, such as your IP address and browser type, information about your device and its settings, such as device and advertising ID, operating system, language, and your device address book, if you’ve chosen to share it with us.
    • Location Information: When you use Panora, we collect some information about your approximate location to provide the service you expect, including showing you relevant ads. You can also choose to share your current precise location or places where you’ve previously used Panora by enabling these settings in your account.
  3. Information we receive from third parties:
    • Ad Partners, Developers and Publishers: Our ad and business partners share information with us such as browser cookie IDs, mobile device IDs, hashed user information like email addresses, demographic or interest data, and content viewed or actions taken on a website or app. Some of our ad partners, particularly our advertisers, also enable us to collect similar information directly from their website or app by integrating our advertising technology. Information shared by ad partners and affiliates or collected by Panora from the websites and apps of ad partners and affiliates may be combined with the other information you share with Panora and that Panora receives, generates, or infers about you described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy.
    • Other Third Parties, Account Connections, and Integrations: We may receive information about you from third parties who are not our ad partners, such as other Panora users, developers, and partners who help us evaluate the safety and quality of content on our platform, our corporate affiliates, and other services you link to your Panora account. You may choose to connect your Panora account to your account on another service, and that other service may send us information about your account on that service.