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About Us

Panora is passionate about uplifting the ability of humanity to make good decisions based on a strong foundation of knowledge.

Our Vision

Our mission is to promote enhanced critical thinking and well-informed decision-making through combating biases, misinformation as well as improving the quality and quantity of information consumed by humanity.

Our Values

Our core values are integral to everything we do:

Our Story

The idea of Panora was first formulated in 2016 - just when the Brexit vote drastically changed the course of the United Kingdom's role in Europe and the World more broadly. There were some reasonable arguments both for and against Brexit; however these issues were not what the world focused on. Instead the political campaigns embarked on spreading misinformation and disinformation to create panic, fear, anger to push emotional decision making. Not factual decision making.

Since 2016 the world has seen a wave of phenomally important events impacted by misinformation and distracting hand waiving including 2016 US Presidential Elections, the Impeachment of the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff and COVID-19 vaccination to name a few.

We were frustrated by the amount of bias, misinformation and censorship that plagued global information consumption, and we wanted to create a better alternative and from there came Panora. After many years of crafting the technology and the platform - Panora 1.0 - just step 1 in this very long and difficult journey - is set to launch in the Summer of 2023!

Our Partners

At its core, Panora is a directory - we organise and provide you with the information produced by others. This wouldn't be possible without our media partners: