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PANORA: Re-inventing News Consumption

Are you ready to take control of your information and make informed decisions in an age of overwhelming data and misinformation? We are thrilled to introduce PANORA, a groundbreaking app that is set to revolutionize the way you access, process and engage with information.

Join us on this exciting journey to promote critical thinking and well-informed decision making! Dowload the app today on the iOS and Android Appstore!

But wait… what is PANORA?

PANORA is here to change the way you navigate a world with an abundance of information.

There are millions of news sources — most have their own political motivations and biases. To be truly educated, you need to know various view points on any topic. Do you really have time to open 6 different news articles, search for the what they’re all saying about any given topic before you form your opinion? Most people don’t! And that makes us ripe for brainwashing through political agendas, story telling and misinformation.

Aha — but no more! PANORA does this work for you. We do the tough work of consolidating all the information on any given topic and present it to you in a way that helps you easily and quickly get the key facts (all of them, not only what the last news app you downloaded claims is fact) and lets you form your truly informed view!

Amazing! But how do you do this?

PANORA has been designed specifically to help with what we believe are the core issues related to the way all of us consume information:

🤯 Information Overload: Every single day there are about 3,000,000 news articles published. No wonder you only read a handful.

PANORA takes all these news article and groups them by topic to generate a post for each topic informed by the full wealth of information available to us on the internet! That’s right — a single post summarising what the whole world is saying.

🏎 Speed: The average person has about 3.5 hours of free time in the day (and that is before you binge Netflix, stalk your crush on Instagram, share your shower thoughts on Twitter / X, do some online shopping on Amazon and reply to all your Whatsapp messages). With such a busy schedule — being well informed becomes a nice to have.

PANORA’s posts condense every topic into a title (single sentence punchline so you know whats happening in the world) and a summary (a paragraph of the key facts and events explaining the situation). No reading 5 minute articles of verbose content that is filled with opinions and bias. 30 seconds for each major event of the day!

🍻 Community: We have the privilege of living in a global community that is easily accessible and a strong force helping debunk myths. Without it, we are slaves to the information and opinion shared by the first person we heard it from.

What a news article says is one thing, but how your community reacts is a very strong indicator as to their personal experiences and views. Through PANORA’s likes, dislikes and comments get a real feel for the how the world feels about a topic!

📰 Cancel bias: We were all taught in school to show our sources when it comes to research and to show our workings when it comes to logical math problems. Yet, we don’t seem to have the faintest clue how the information fed to us shapes the way we think.

Every news post shows all the news articles that were used to inform PANORA of the event or topic. You can see these sources and most importantly, the little bar next to each source shows you how biased that article is.

🤔 The information you need, not the information you like: Every social media app is based on the premise of keeping you on the app for as long as possible so that they can show you more ads and make more money. In order to do this, their algorithms are aimed at showing you more of what you like to keep you engaged. That doesn’t work at PANORA when we are trying to undo your bias!

Our algorithms show you important topics that are shaping the world and prioritise those that you have either ignored or that you least understand. We prioritise news sources that provide a view contrarion to your view (whatever it may be) all with the aim of getting you information that is unbiased. We will throw you into a world which is usually very much grey and not at all black and white. Once you are armed with the full facts and a broad range of views… THEN you have our permission to form your own opinion.

Joing the PANORA Revolution Today.

Stay informed, stay curious, and get ready to embrace PANORA! Download the app today on iOS and Android! Shape your knowledge journey, challenge your assumptions, and make informed decisions with PANORA! 🌐📚💡 #PANORARevolution #KnowledgeMatters